BBH is a privately owned financial services firm. Their Boston headquarters is a multi-floor 300,000 sf office with a wide range of office furniture products. Workflow provided unique products for various areas in the space including reception desks, cafe furniture, partner offices and all filing needs. 


Client Sector: Banking

Location: Boston, MA

Design Firm: Habian Betancourt | Dyer Brown

Photographer: Chuck Choi

Manufacturer Products


Bernhardt Design


Arnold Desk

Workstation Overview

Workflow assisted the design team with the development of the Bernhardt partner private offices to include veneers to match surrounding walls. All workstation pedestals were provided by Office Specialty along with all file banks. Customized file surrounds were provided to allow for multiple different work surfaces/printer heights and various floor cores through the units. All culminating in a seamless/cord free environment.  

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