AppNexus is a New York-City based internet technology company that uses data to power the world's open digital audience platforms. Their New York headquarters is a large open plan office with a wide range of office furniture products which allows AppNexus to greet potential employees and clients while 

simultaneously offering different types of work areas. The variety of space allows for open plan work, private head down work, collaboration, and cafe/casual spaces. Over the last four years, Workflow has worked with the client and design team to create a standards program for all AppNexus satellite locations in the United States, Europe and beyond. Project locations include L.A., San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Boulder, Philadelphia, Paris, London and Hamberg. 


Client Sector: Technology

Location: New York, NY

Workstations: 1000+ Between NYC and other locations

Global Locations: 8

Design Firm: Habjan Betancourt

Photographer: Eric Laignel

Manufacturer Products



Bernhardt Design


Workstation Overview

Workflow developed a workstation module specifically to fit AppNexus' needs. While simple in design, the desking is very durable with all steel
beam construction and simple power/data wire management that also allows for desktop convenience power. 

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